• 15-01
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    1/34 ABCT 67 BfSB 196 MEB Cp Ripley, MN
  • 15-02
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    39 IBCT Ft Chaffee, AR
  • 15-03
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    45 IBCT 111 MEB Ft Sill, OK
  • 15-04
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    27 IBCT 26 MEB Ft Drum, NY
  • 15-05
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    155 ABCT 142 BfSB Cp Shelby, MS
  • 15-06
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    37 IBCT Cp Grayling, MI
  • 16-01
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    79th IBCT (CA) 169th FiB (CO) Camp Roberts, CA
  • 16-02
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    29th IBCT (HI) 648th MEB (GA) Camp Roberts, CA
  • 16-03
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    55 ABCT Ft Stewart, GA
  • 16-04
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    76 IBCT Camp Atterbury, IN
  • 16-05
    Upcoming ROTATIONS
    56 IBCT 136 MEB Ft Hood, TX

It's as close to real as you can get."

— Staff Officer & Afghanistan Veteran, 76th IBCT

About XCTC

Next Level Training

The Army National Guard’s eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) program is an instrumented Brigade field training exercise designed to certify Platoon proficiency in coordination with First Army.

XCTC provides an experience similar to a Combat Training Center to Guard Soldiers at home station or at a regional training center, minimizing cost and time away from home and jobs.

The program brings full training resource packages to National Guard and active duty bases around the country, allowing units to train on their schedule, close to home.

What To Expect

XCTC will challenge you.

Prepare to become a more effective soldier.

Training lanes are customized to meet the Commander’s objectives and encompass maneuver and support units.

Lanes may include ambushes, company hasty attack, platoon movement to contact, brief recon missions, vehicle recovery, and more.

Training aids include battlefield effects, civilians on the battlefield, foreign national role players, and cutting edge FlexTrainTM tracking technology.


Training Done Right

Depending upon a unit’s tasking, XCTC satisfies TR-2 or TR-3 requirements with a 15- or 21-day training event, in accordance with the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) training model.

All training events belong to the Brigade Commander, and everyone involved in a training event is there to support that Commander.

Training is customized to meet the Commander’s objectives, using Unified Land Operations scenarios and the Decisive Action Training Environment.

XCTC Rotation Roles



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MAJ Trey Jones

Program Manager, XCTC
DSN: 329-7090 Email

Kipp Peppel

Senior Program Manager
SRI International

Marc Gimbel

Deputy Program Manager
SRI International

Bob Pidgeon

Senior XCTC Exercise Director
SRI International